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Copywriting Friend,

I just completed this amazing book… The “Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Words" and I’ve just opened it up so I can share some of these secrets with you.

You may not be involved in marketing or selling, that’s OK, you can still use the words to change you life.

If you are a marketer, especially on the Internet, hold onto your hat as you see what a difference they will make in your business!

Word power flows from you and
back to you...

Words are power, not only do they have the power to influence and control others as they go out from you as spoken words and as written words, but they can also reflect this power back to you!

By using strong words they not only influence those they are directed at, but these words subconsciously bolster your own image, the image your conscious self sees. These become power affirmations and start changing you from the inside out.

As an example, if you talk wimpy, using words and sentences that show you are unsure of yourself, always apologizing and being afraid to make definite statements, people will realize what you are made of. But, if you start talking more positively, more uplifting, it will change other people’s opinions of you and it will change your own opinion of yourself!

If nothing else, these word power secrets may just make you into a more charming, likeable person… look what they’ve done for me!

Let’s get started…

Turn your words into action words...

We rush off to the ER to be patched up and healed… Repair your words - try adding ER to them. Such as turning BUILD into BUILDER, READ into READER, and WARM into WARMER.

Of course it won’t always work, but where it can be used, it turns your words into action words, assertive words that go right into the psyche of your audience.

Power words can get your reader
to do your bidding...


These uplifting words add power
to your message...


Words that will make you into
an expert copywriter...

Those amazing marketers and communicators from the past knew the secret of often using the strongest words in their copy such as:


Nothing gets more attention than “free” and the word “you” is magic. It should be used everywhere. Plus it keeps you focused on whom you are addressing. A little effort will enable you to come up with many places to use “new” in your copy. And “how” will work wonders in otherwise boring writing.

Everyone wants to know "how" to do something. How to be more productive. How to be more attractive. And even how to be a better writer.

These are the timeless power words that have always worked, and if you don’t believe they still work today, leave them out of your writings at your own peril!

Yes, there are many more of these amazing words in my new book Mail Order Millionaire Copywriting Words just in case you were wondering.

And according to Yale,
The top 10 words...

According to the psychology department at Yale University, some words in the English language are more powerful than others. And their top 10 most powerful:

1You -- Listed as the #1 most powerful word in every study reviewed. Because of the personal nature of advertising copywriting, you should use “you” in your headline, opening line and as often as possible. In fact, many copywriters will throw out a headline if “you” is not in it.

2Results -- Works in rationalizing a purchase.

3Health -- Especially powerful when it applies to a product.

4Guarantee --Provides sense of safety at time of purchase.

5Discover -- Presents a sense of excitement and adventure.

6Love -- Continues to be an all-time favorite.

7Proven -- Helps remove fear from trying something new.

8Safety -- This could refer to health or long-lasting quality.

9Save -- We all want to save something.

10New -- It's part of basic human makeup to seek novelty.

My friend, I sure hope this will prove helpful for all your endeavors. But this is just the beginning, there’s 64 more pages of words and what they can do for you!

And please, don’t attempt any marketing, e-mails, even love-letters without this word-power knowledge!

Your Friend for Powerful Internet Marketing Words,

Gil Carlson
I have some powerful words for your website, ads, direct mail, sales letters and catalogs!
And according to Yale,The top 10 words...
Power words can get your readerto do your bidding...
Words that will make you intoan expert copywriter...
This page was last updated: January 20, 2013
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Gil Carlson
Gil Carlson
Got a Great Novel Stuck in Your Head?

Use these Copywriting Word Lists of Powerful, Uplifting, Results Getting Words for Websites, Twitter, Blogs and more!

By Gil Carlson