My Book Writing Friend,

Now we've dwelled a bit on motivating potential buyers through copywriting and marketing skills and the use of  emotional triggers, but what about you?

You haven't started writing your book yet?

How do we motivate you? Sometimes it's just a matter of habits, exchanging the bad habits for good ones.

Got writer's block?

You may freeze up when you first sit down in front of the keyboard. For some reason, when I get in front of that keyboard, it motivates me to start writing. So it must be about habits.

The problem could also be that you are a perfectionist and are afraid of making a mistake or afraid you won't get it just right. Try forgetting all those fears and just start writing, develop this a your new habit.

Remember, with computers, it's so easy to make corrections. It's not like the old days of using Whiteout or retyping whole pages.

I can remember back a number of years, when I owned a publishing company, and I had just purchased several IBM Selectric typewriters for around $800 each and was marveling at the new technology.

Then I hired Ray, a marvelous writer, but he couldn't write with an electric typewriter. Seems the whir of the motor distracted him (Yes, we all have our quirks). It was easy finding him an old manual typewriter.

Here's Ray's secret of creative writing:

In the middle of the day, Ray would go out for a walk around the block to consult his muses. Turns out he was smoking pot with his muses (whatever works). On his first day with us, one of the girls from the office, coming back from an errand, spotted Ray in a cloud of smoke and all panicky because he forgot how to find his way back to the office!

So let's remember to establish some good habits and methods for motivating ourselves.

How about motivating signs and slogans on the wall of your office? And spell out your goals and keep them in sight.

Be full of enthusiasm and excited about your project. Remember, enthusiasm is catching. Your enthusiastic writing will enthuse your reader and they will get so much more out of your writing. Plus they will buy all your books and tell everyone about you!

An outline can be handy...

Creating an outline of your book or novel is very helpful for many writers. Instead of stalling, you have that outline in front of you and you know where you need to go next.

Oh, no, those distractions...

Distractions can be the downfall for many a writer. There are always interruptions, what are yours? Does your family stick you with errands, figuring you are not doing anything important, just trying to write the next Great American Novel?

Or is it the coffee breaks that get to you? I need coffee when I write, keeps my brain going. So, instead of the many trips downstairs to fill my coffee cup, sometimes I'll mix a big carafe with the right mix of coffee, sugar and cream. That also keeps me from being tempted by a pie or other goodies in the kitchen.

Do you have a quiet place to write, or are there traffic noises outside your window? While I live in a rather quiet and secluded neighborhood, I often distract myself to look out the back window in search of wild animals in the stretch trees that run across the back of my house and acts as a nature preserve.

But, before you start thinking that I live in the wilds somewhere, other than an occasional deer, most of the wildlife in the back consists of squirrels.

More about squirrels...

Before get back to serious stuff, let me tell you a squirrel story. Several years ago, I was running  The Great American Book Co. from this building which had a park-like piece of land in the back. It had trees, and most trees seem to come with squirrels and these were no exception.

Across the back of the building were large picture windows with a row of sliding windows under these. I got into the the habit of bringing in a bag of popcorn or peanuts in the morning for my squirrel friends and sliding open the window and tossing out a handful or two. As soon as they ran out they would walk along the window ledge, and when they spotted me in my office, they would knock on the window. Not when they were running out, but just as soon as they finished the very last morsel.  

I'm sure you run into distractions all the time, but it just occurred to me that often distractions aren't as distracting as we think they are.

What's this, more of Gil's double-talk?

Think about it... How many times have you had a distraction throw you off, yet other times, the exact same distraction won't even phase you?

So, it is you, not the distraction! If you are enthused and eagerly working away, those distractions won't bother you! But if you are bored, and your heart isn't into it, you seek out those distractions to save you from boredom.

The time factor can also get to you. You may start perceiving that you have already put enough time in it and you want to do other things now. It's the pressure of time getting to you.

Here's what works for me: I set aside a certain amount of time, say 3 hours, and pretend I can't leave until the time is up. Whether I write anything or not, I have to remain there. Tell yourself you are in a waiting room somewhere and can't leave or do anything else. Then I'm glad to be able to write to fill the time and keep from being bored.

It really works. I can be very productive when I remove the time pressure and don't think of other things I could be doing.

Your Helpful Book Writing Friend,

Gil Carlson

P.S. Like these ideas? I have more book writing insight to share with you on this websight of mine such as... Ready to write a great book? Write what you feel, not what you know;  Where to get novel writing ideas - Getting beyond writer's block;  Novel ideas for  creating your story Line; And don't miss out on these 14 Secrets to help you write the Great Novel, I'm sure they will be helpful;  Novel subconscious writing ideas - Writing subconsciously;  Non-fiction book and novel writing motivation tipsAn emotional book writing method: Be an inspired writer; How to write a novel using the art of storytelling.

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How to write a book - Motivating your novel writing abilities...
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This page was last updated: January 20, 2013
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How to write a book - Motivating your novel writing abilities....

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